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Bibliografische Daten:
R. Klanten, S. Ehmann 
März 2016 
24 x 28 cm 
256 Pages, 
full color 
ISBN 978-3-89955-652-0 
38,00 €


As more and more people see bicycles as the best way of getting around, bikes have evolved. Today, e-bikes power past urban traffic. All-wood bikes bomb slopes. Cargo bikes haul gear and goods. Handlebars sync with phones and GPS buzzes through grips, enabling no-look navigation. These bikes, their makers, and their riders are defining the pedal-fueled future.

Velo 3rd Gear is a showcase of today’s most covetable bicycles, the latest designs and technologies, and truly stylish bike-related clothing. It shares compelling perspectives, stories, and experiences from the growing community of cyclists worldwide and introduces a wide range of products and accessories to satisfy its diverse needs and discerning aesthetics.


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